resolutions; 2017 edition

It’s that time of year where we all sit around and think of all the resolutions we want to make to make 2017 our year. Aka: the worst time of the year.

I, for one, am awful with New Year’s resolutions. I make the lists of things I want to focus on, go strong for a week or two, then quickly fall off the wagon. If you are the person who can actually stick with a resolution, I give you the world of credit and beg you to teach me your ways!

Last year, I really thought I could fester up the will to change and I did. Until about March, where I fell off my fitness regime and couldn’t find the time to pick it back up. I wanted to read more, and I think I finished one book entirely in 2016. I made more excuses than I did resolutions.

New year, new me, right? The biggest thing I want to focus on in 2017 is accountability. I want to make myself more accountable for my actions. I’ll be 24 this year and even though I’m relatively mature for my own age, I feel like I make a lot more excuses than actually getting off my ass to do something about them. Instead of whining about it, I want to take the responsibility to make a change in my life and hopefully inspire someone else to do the same.

Personally, I get overwhelmed with the grand scheme of a resolution; that it has to be a grand plan in effect for the full year. Say I want to lose 50 pounds. When you look at the number 50 as a whole, it’s incredibly overwhelming for when you go to the gym six times a week and don’t see the scale move. If you break it up to mini goals, like say losing and keeping off 10  pounds for the month of January, then 50 will seem obtainable in the long haul.

Instead of setting the resolutions for the whole year, I plan on divvying the year up into quarters and report in on how the resolutions are going. This way, I don’t lose track and I’m accountable for them. Plan for recaps in April, July, September and December.

My resolution list is kind of long, but there’s four main categories I want to focus on; fitness, creativity, intellectual and financial:

Fitness: fitnesslog

It’s always on everyone’s list of resolutions: I want to lose X-number of pounds. I want to eat healthier. I want to run a 5-kilometer. For me, it’s wanting to stick with a routine that works best for me.

Ultimately, I’d like to be comfortable at 140-150 pounds, but I’ve got a looooong way to go before that’s even in the realm of possibility. Prior, I used to think that if I said “Okay, I want to get at 150, how hard can that be?” Well, really hard, actually. There’s a lot of road blocks that pop up on the route to a healthy lifestyle. I want to weight 150, but I can’t run without turning flushed and huffing all the air in the room.

Instead, per month, break down mini goals for yourself that will benefit you in the long run. It might be discouraging at first to say, “I want to lose (and keep off) 10 pounds” when your ultimate goal is so much bigger. But focus on that small goal first. Once you obtain the first milestone, you’ll feel more apt to push for another one!

For the first quarter, I’d like to:

  • Lose and keep off 15 pounds
  • Be able to run a full mile in under 12 minutes (in school, I was one of the last to finish the mile test at like 14 minutes… yikes!)
  • Incorporate new workouts into my routine like yoga, spin, etc.

Even though losing weight is my biggest goal, it’s more important to work hard to gain muscle and become more tone. If I don’t see immediate results, I need to learn to be patient, because I’m not looking to lose the weight for the sake of losing it, but to become stronger and more comfortable in my own skin.


Last year, I jumped on the bandwagon of adult coloring books and bought every single one of Johanna Basford’s collection. And I think I managed to color one full picture in the entire year.

As a Pisces, we’re intuitively creative, but I feel incredibly out of touch with my creative side. So out of touch, I think I don’t have one! Not that I’m a firm believer in astrology and the sort, but being creative makes your brain sharper and more on top of things in other aspects of your life.

It also helps that coloring is a major stress reliever and is suppose to zen you out, create mindfulness and benefit you in a lot of aspects. But not only do I want to focus on creativity in the coloring aspect, but also in reflection. creativity

I bought a gratitude journal last year and maybe filled out a page or two of it. Recently, I picked up this creativity journal at Marshall’s and thought it’d be a perfect way to trigger my brain in new creative ways!

For the first quarter, I’d like to:

  • Spend more time coloring (preferably 30-45 minutes a day)
  • Fill out the gratitude journal/creativity journal daily
  • Attend a painting class (similar to paint and sips) once a quarter


When I was in school, I loved to learn. Since leaving, I find myself really struggling to keep my brain sharp as a tack and don’t have the will power to go and teach myself a new subject.

A lot of people want to learn a new language, myself included. A friend suggested Duolingo in the middle of the year to me and I was obsessed with it. I had taken French in college for a semester and didn’t retain any of the information I learned, which saddened me. However, I’ve been able to pick up where I left off with Duolingo.

Another resolution is that I wish I made the time to read more. Last year, I created a goal to read 20 books in the calendar year and I failed, miserably.

Libraries are a dying breed, but go so underrated, so I plan on heating up the library card to save a penny or two! If you use, you can keep track of how many books you read and learn of new suggestions. My goal for 2017 is 20 books.

For the first quarter, I’d like to:

  • Practice French daily to become 50% fluent (If you use Duolingo, they have a percentage of how fluent you are in the language)
  • Read at least six books (varying in subjects/authors)



We’d all like to save some money, but realistically, it’s hard for some of us to pinch pennies and save for a rainy day. We can’t all put away an extra five dollars, or swap money from our checking to savings or whatever the case may be. However, with our trip to Disney coming up, I definitely need to start saving realistically.

For the first quarter, I’d like to:

  • Save up all loose change in a piggy bank designated specifically for Disney

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Leave them in a comment!

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