think out of the (vox)box: #rosyvoxbox

Everything’s coming up roses

To be fair, I’ve never really explained my first-ever Influenster experience. Even though this blog wasn’t used for that intended purpose then, I imagine this would be something similar that I would do for that one.

I’ve been a part of two VoxBox campaigns; one with an array of products from several companies and one from a specific company. You can check my Maybelline #BigShotMascara experience here.

The first VoxBox was from Bustle and it was the Flawless VoxBox. I liked it because it offered a lot of products that seemed to correspond with one another. With the #RosyBox, I feel like a lot of these products don’t necessarily work with one another, but work alright on their own. These products weren’t exactly perfect for me, but might be ideal for someone else. Hopefully this post will help you decide!

All of the products were sent complimentarily for testing purposes. To sign up for your chance to win a VoxBox, click here.

Here’s what was in the #RosyVoxBox:

Vera Wang Embrace Eau de Toilette in Rose Buds and Vanilla and Marigold and Gardenia

Perfumes are always hits and misses with me, as clearly illustrated before: Sample sizes are too small, scents are too overbearing or worst of all, they’re just too expensive. Since slowly emerging myself back into picking high-end fragrances, I’ve been experimenting with a lot of them and noticed that maybe my sniffer has changed favorites over the years.

I like these choices from Vera Wang because they’re not too floral, so they won’t take your breath away. Out of the two, I really liked the Marigold and Gardenia, since it’s more fruity than it is floral. They’re a perfect pick up for spring and they won’t break your bank, as I’ve seen them as low as $30 on Kohl’s website.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Soft Waves Sea Salt Spray

I remember being a fan of Not Your Mother’s back in the day, when I fully embraced my wild, curly and unruly hair! My hair has a lot of natural curl but it tends to frizz whenever I try to style it, which is always less than desired.

With the warmer weather coming, I hate putting additional heat to my hair, so that’s why I opt for wild, messy hair. This NYM sea salt spray is perfect for those mornings where I’m running late and want peace of mind with my curls. Since I’ve used it, they’ve added a tropical banana scent, which makes it smell like you’re being swept away to a tropical island!

However, I feel like it’s been reformulated since when I used it back in the day. The scent is nice, but it does leave my hair a little crunchy.

Purely Advanced Naturals hand sanitizer

The world is filed with germs and grime and sometimes we can’t rush off to a bathroom, that’s why it great to carry hand sanitizers! Normally I opt for the Bath and Body Works ones, but I find they sometimes leave my hands sticky or shimmery.

This one from Purell is great because it’s made with 93% of naturally derived ingredients. It doesn’t have an alcoholic scent, it doesn’t dry out my hands and it gets them cleaned.

Secret Clinical Strength Invisible solid deodorant

Little known secret: I don’t use women’s deodorant! For years, I’ve used men’s deodorant because it’s the only thing that gives me confidence in knowing I won’t be sweating through shirts or leaving those less-than-desired yellow stains on white tops.

When I got this in the #RosyBox, I was super duper skeptical but figured hell, I’ll try it. I waited for a day that I knew I didn’t have to go anywhere, in case it didn’t work, I was covered. However, I was delightfully surprised at a) how well it worked and b) how confident I felt in it.

I forgot with using women’s deodorant that they don’t leave the white streaks on black shirts or clumps of product. The scent is pleasant and it compliments my perfume/natural body odor. Do I think I’ll switch back over to women’s deodorant? Probably not, but if I were to, this would be my first choice.

Fancy Feet Ball of Foot Cushions by Foot Petals

I’m not like most girls because I don’t wear heels. I’ve never been a heel wearer and I’m much more comfortable in flats or boots. Receiving these in the #RosyBox, I thought they’d be a bust, but figured I’d test them in a pair of booties I recently bought from Charlotte Russe.

Side story: I planned on putting these in those said boots one morning but ran out of time. Later that night, I sprained my ankle in the boots! Would they have helped my balance? Probably not, but hey, I should have put them in sooner!

I haven’t fully tested them out in the boots since we’ve been hit with Snow Storm Stella and I’m still recovering from this sprained ankle. But I’m not convinced that a little pad will truly help keep the shoes in place.

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