goal digger: june ’17

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.” 

I’ll be the first one to ask: How the heck is it already June?!

May was here and gone in a blink of an eye and the calendar year is nearly half over. This year has been a wild ride, but a good one at least. May for me was majorly spent on a Greyhound bus, but I’ve made some incredible memories with some incredible people because of it.

Plus, adding trips to my memory bank is always worth the fatigue!

With our trip to Disney that we’ve been planning for nearly a year completed, it’s now time to settle down, regroup and focus on the goals we want to accomplish! For me, it’s getting back into my fitness routine and saving money while growing daily as a person.

Here are the goals I want to crush this June:

  • Lose 8-10 pounds: Coming back from Disney World, I got pretty sick and was shelved from the gym while battling a head cold. Within that said week, we had an insanely-packed schedule for work that allowed me no time to fully recover. Since I’ll be heading to Cape Cod for Fourth of July weekend, I want to begin a beginner workout program that will help tighten and tone up whatever progress I made before going to Florida. The goal will be to work out 5 days a week following this program, and I hope to lose 8-10 pounds before June 30.
  • Read two books: Last month, I had the full intention of reading while poolside in Disney. I think we were at the pool for a total of 45 minutes the entire week we were there! I started And After the Fire prior to leaving for Florida, but never had time to finish it. In addition to finishing that, I’d like to pick up two more books for my Reading Challenge, putting me at 11 of 20 books completed.
  • Develop a weekly posting routine: In relation to last month’s goal, I got into a routine of posting things, even if they were forced towards the end of the month! Following that Lily Pulitzer agenda I bought, I want to start creating stricter posting schedules for this blog, as well as my YouTube channel. The goal to to aim for 3-to-4 posts a week, but as long as I maintain two per week, I’ll be content.
  • Complete 1-2 courses on Skillwise: Back in the beginning of February, I had purchased an insane bundle on Skillwise courtesy of theSkimm to help boost my resume and to promote my social media knowledge. I think I’ve signed up for the courses (which are unlimited and don’t expire) and that’s the furthest I went with them. They vary in topic, but my goal is to complete the WordPress for Beginners course and the LinkedIn Bootcamp course.
  • Attend at least two yoga classes: Prior to leaving for Florida, my friend Sam and I had attended a Ladies’ Night at one of the new yoga studios in my town. It offered a free, hour-long course and we both fell in love with how zen and centered we felt. I’m a very Type A person and love to be in control of things and with that said I’m also a person who loves to be very in touch with themselves and their environment. The drop-in classes are only $10/class, and with my schedule winding down, now is the time to namaste in touch with myself and allow time to reflect on what I want to accomplish.
  • Get more creative: One of my resolutions this year was to become more in touch with my creative side (I am a Pisces after all!) and I really dropped the ball in the first half of the year. Whether it’s finally getting around to learning calligraphy or to spending more time coloring/drawing, I want to spend some time creating something beautiful.

What are your goals for the month of June? Leave a comment!

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