must-have summer faves

Summer is just around the corner, but lately the weather hasn’t been cooperating with the calendar. I’ve been itching to break out the tank tops and sundresses as well as ditching some of my normal makeup routines.

During the dog days of summer, I opt to not wear a full coverage face of makeup, simply because I don’t want to be weighed down. My skin gets even oiler during the summer months and the less on my face the better for avoiding breakouts. Plus, bronzed cheeks help pull those sun freckles out and I love to flaunt them!

However, I don’t like to be completely bare-faced, so here’s a list of my must-have summer faves:

First and foremost, it’s SO important to use a sunscreen daily, especially in the summer! I’m the first to admit that I don’t consciously put it on, which is why I opt for moisturizers that already include them. On those days that I know that I’ll be out in the sun, whether it’s a beach day, covering a baseball game for work or going on a walk, I will make the effort.

In my May Birchbox, I received the Supergoop! Everyday sunscreen that has an SPF of 50! I love it because it doesn’t have that “sunscreen” smell and features natural extracts of citrus, basil and boise de rose and it’s quick absorbing into my skin, which means less time worrying about it soaking in and more time for fun!

On those mornings that I want a little extra coverage, I’ll reach for a BB cream over a foundation. Aforementioned, my skin gets extra oily during the summer and weighing my skin down with full coverage foundations just screams breakout city. BB creams are lightweight, provide just enough coverage for that bronzed skin and some are even packed with good stuff for your face!

Before leaving for Florida, I searched high and low for a decent BB cream that didn’t break the bank. I settled for the Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay BB tinted moisturizer in the shade Medium. (I’m normally very fair skinned, but knew that I had been tanning and wanted something that will last me through the summer). This one also adds a SPF 20, to give you a little extra protection.

It’s sheer enough that one coat is good for those minimal makeup days, but can easily be layered. I love it because it doesn’t require a lot of application time or tools (you can use your fingers for this one!) and it doesn’t require a primer to work, making it a grab-and-go for summer days at the beach.

Although I’d rather spend less time in front of a mirror fussing over my makeup, there are those days that I need a little extra somethin’-somethin’. Recently I picked up the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette from The Balm Cosmetics at Nordstrom Rack for $15 and I’ve been dabbling in it, creating a lot of neutral eyes that aren’t daunting or overwhelming.

Going off the BB Cream from Tarte, I love this palette because it offers nine colors that can create any kind of look, making it ideal for those grab-and-go days at the beach that extend into nights on a boardwalk. The color story compliments one another and the pigment of the shadows can easily be built up. Make this your everyday summer palette.

Since I don’t like to leave my eyes bare, it’s important to find a good quality mascara that won’t leave you looking like a raccoon. Mascara is the only thing that I will take the time to apply every day because I feel I look sickly without it!

When I first discovered this waterproof mascara from ARROW, I didn’t necessarily love it. (You can see my review for it here). I don’t love waterproof mascaras simply due to the removal process, but this one melts right off with makeup remover and it stays put on either sweat sessions at the gym, a day at the pool or being caught in those afternoon rainstorms!

Along with makeup, my lipstick collection gets put on hold during the summer months because no one ever wants to get caught with melting lips! With plenty of ice cream cones and lemonade to drink, I like to either opt for a lip balm and go au natural, or provide a little bit of color with a lip tint.

Last year, I discovered these beauties from The Lipstick Queen on Instagram and immediately fell in love. These lippies are conversation starters when you apply them because they change colors on your lips! Not only are they interesting, they also leave your lips soft and hydrated so you can ditch the lip balm.

I picked up Hello Sailor first and was in love with the fact that it was blue. And not just blue, but navy blue, which might explain its namesake! When applied to the lips, it turns into a mauve-y, berry color that compliments just about anyone. What’s even better? Its blue-ish hue makes your teeth look whiter! Add that with a tan and you’ll be radiating.

The Lipstick Queen is probably most known for its color Frog Princess, which is its green colored lippie that turns pink when applied. For those days that I want a little more color, I go for Frog Princess since it’s pretty enough to be subtle, but loud enough that I don’t feel bare.

What are your must-have summer faves? Let me know in a comment!

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