ud naked heat swatch & review

If you can’t take the heat, then stay out of my makeup collection…

It’s been clogging your newsfeed and you’ve been dying to get your paws on it. The highly-anticipated Urban Decay Naked Heat palette just hit the shelves and they’re flying off like hot cakes and for good reason!

This palette is a grab-and-go goodie to keep in your collection. From shimmers to mattes, it offers a gorgeous color story that will definitely turn up the heat on your summer makeup. Expect this to be the palette for the summer and expect a lot of beauty guru’s to be playing with this bad boy.

In the past, UD Naked palettes have been a major bust for me. The formula is chalky, the colors don’t build and I’ve been disappointed in the past. I said I was going to wait to purchase this one, test it out in-person and decide if it was worth the hype. Then, I got an email from Sephora saying that it was being released early for VIBs and the rest is history!

Here’s my thoughts on all aspects about the UD Naked Heat palette:


One thing that makes this palette an absolute must for me is its packaging. Its warm colors just give you a tease of what’s inside and I love the aesthetics. Another major bonus is that the component is a magnetic close and doesn’t have a clasp to click shut, giving me a little more peace of mind when storing it away. It’s not too heavy and you’re getting 12 0.05-ounce pans for $54 dollars, as comparable to most palettes on the market.

Matte shades

In order to be a must-grab palette, it’s got to offer a wide variety of shades at my convenience. The Naked Heat palette has seven matte shades to help you create a plethora of looks.

What I’ve noticed with finger-swatching the darker matte shades is that the colors don’t build as nicely as compared to the shimmers. The consistency of the shades “He Devil” and “En Fuego” seemed chalky like the UD Naked shades of the past and I felt that they were very transparent. The lighter matte shades offer a lot more pigment and blend nicely and using a brush helped build pigment, even with those darker shades.

Shimmer shades

This is my number one reason to splurge on the Naked Heat palette. The palette has five shimmer shades that may look similar in the component, but they offer so many different reflectants when they’re swatched.

The shimmer shades pack a ton of pigment, though they swatch funny with a finger, since they are relatively creamy for a shimmer. With using a brush, the pigment wasn’t nearly as strong as a finger swatch, but it wasn’t a disappointment. These are perfect for adding a little pow to your look and the colors are super complimentary and I’m sure wetting the brush with either a setting spray or water will intensify the colors and had a lot more sparkle.

Color story

I don’t have much like this in my collection, since I normally tend to stay away from warm tones since I don’t have the skin-tone to pull off bold, hot colors.

Thankfully, your girl Casper the Friendly Ghost is no more and she’s ready to dabble with the Heat. With my newly developed tan thanks to a week in Florida and my Planet Fitness Black Card membership, I’ve been working on my tan and have been more experimental in my color choices. When reds would normally terrify me, I’ve been gravitating towards warm shades that will charge up an ordinary smokey eye with a new modern twist.

Like Naked palettes in the past, the colors are similar, but each one offers a slightly different reflectant to drastically change your look.

Bonus brush

Like all UD Naked palettes, the double-ended brush gives me a little incentive. Even though it’s a “palette brush”, which normally aren’t high quality compared to actual brushes you’d pick up from Morphie or Luxie, you can never have too many in your collection. The bristles on this brush are soft and since its double-ended, it really makes throwing this in my bag and heading out the door much simpler.

Overall thoughts

This palette has been blowing up all over social media, and with good reason. Every summer, there’s always one palette that everyone wants to grab and play with and this is this year’s go-to.

If you’re afraid of bold colors and shimmers, I’d stay away. It does have a lot of kickback, a decent amount of fallout, and some of the darker matte shades don’t blend that seamlessly. Kickback and fallout don’t break the deal for me, so it’s just something I overlook.

However, the shimmers in this palette make up for those mattes and I love the reflectants. If you don’t already have colors like this in your collection, then yes, definitely pick it up. But act quick, because I foresee a lot of people wanting go get their paws on it!

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