goal digger: august ’17

“Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.”

I’m the first to admit that when it comes to loving myself, it’s been a lifelong battle.

At the surface, I am happy. I like how I look (most days), I take decent care of myself, I have relationships I’m content with and I try to grow each day as a person.

But, deep down, I struggle. There will never be a person who’s harder on me than myself. I constantly belittle my feelings and thoughts, thinking that I’m not good enough or that my feelings and intuition needs justification. I simply don’t allow myself to be happy, or mad, or sad without good reason.

Needless to say, I’m incredibly self-loathing and don’t see a lot of redeeming qualities in myself. I want to change that. Bad.

This month, it’s going to be all about self-love and finding the things about myself that I like. It’s time to stop thinking about all the bad things that are out of my control. Lately, my confidence has been through the roof with the results of my weight-loss journey and I want to start fully embracing it.

I’ve been working my tail off. I am enough. I am worth this happiness I’ve created. 

Here are the goals I want to crush this August:

  • Continue fitness journey: Since part of the Intermediate Workout Plan I started last month runs into August, I want to continue to workout daily and form my body into something I’m comfortable in. In July, I hit every workout with as much intensity as I could, and saw some pretty great results. (I’m the lightest I’ve been within the last two years and I feel GREAT!)
  • Start budgeting weekly: One of my New Years Resolutions was to start saving money. It’s August and I’ve been so scared to look at my bank account! I always dread having to open my wallet and see no money in there or know that I have to stretch $20 for two weeks until payday and I want to break this cycle. I have a lot of bills I have to pay out monthly, but paying off my student loans off is in plain sight that I’m ready to buckle down and really try to pinch my pennies so I can move out within the next year.
  • Get back into posting routine: Not to make excuses, but July really did get the best of me. Every year, it always sneaks up on me at work and we get slammed with event after event, making me at the hands of my job. With the busy stretch over, I’m ready to get back in touch with this blog! Even though I still pumped out content, it wasn’t nearly enough, so I’m going to aim for 2-3 times a week with varying topics. Got something in mind you want me to talk/test out? Let me know! 
  • Make more time for friends: As much as I like my ‘me’ time, I’ve let a lot of friendships slip away because of my selfishness or lack of desire to interact. After having a realization, I noticed that I need more time for friends and people beyond me. Whether it’s grabbing a cup of coffee with a girlfriend or going to get a pedicure with someone I haven’t seen in a while, I want to create better relationships.
  • Have more self-dates: Even though I spend a lot of time by myself, a lot of it is doing things that I feel obligated to do to better myself. If you don’t nurture the plant, it won’t grow. Whether it’s giving myself a half an hour of unsolicited alone time with a face mask or spending an afternoon snuggled in bed with Netflix, I need to make more time for myself to continue to grow my confidence.

What are your goals for the month of August? Leave a comment!

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28. writer. obsessed with makeup, traveling, nyr and sparkle.
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