stitch fix unboxing: august ’17

It’s so refreshing when people actually listen to you and take into consideration what you want.

This was my second month using the Stitch Fix subscription and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how much my stylist fulfilled my wants and desires. (S/O to Amber, because girl, you KILLED this box!)

In last month’s Fix, I noticed the prices for pieces were a little ridiculous. (I love fashion and all things beauty, but your girl’s lucky if she can afford the clearance rack somedays!) I made the suggestion that I wanted more budget-friendly pieces that I could build my wardrobe around and she 100% listened.

Even though some of the pieces are a little out of my price range, the total for all five pieces including the 25% discount was around $160. That’s a hell of a lot better than the $225 I would have been spending!

Plus, each piece fit perfectly and it made it hard to decide what to part with and what to keep.

Reading the pamphlet inside this month’s Fix, I noticed that Amber mentioned she saw my social media accounts and based some picks around that. She also saw my fitness journey and suggested athleisure pieces in next month’s box, which is an absolute must!

Here’s what my stylist Amber picked for my Fix this month:

SKIES ARE BLUE Nordeman Keyhole Detail Blouse

Make a statement with a fun, floral blouse. This keyhole detail blouse from Skies Are Blue would be a perfect addition to my springtime wardrobe, however these pastel colors won’t cut it for me this fall.

The fit of this blouse was ideal, though I wish it was a little more deeper cut along the neckline and that the keyhole was a little more detailed. It did fit nicely, though it seemed to scrunch at my hips. It wasn’t constricting and it would be perfectly pieced with a cute cardigan and the Claudi Distressed skinnies sent in this month’s box.

The price point of $40 was a little steep on a blouse that I wasn’t in total love with, which is why I skipped it.

STREET LEVEL Jacey Striped Reversible Tote

I will be the first to admit that I don’t obsess over handbags. In fact, I haven’t bought a new purse in over two years! My Kate Spade hasn’t done me wrong and she’s the perfect taupe shade to work with every season. You can’t beat it when you’re complimented on it constantly!

Tote bags are already a hit-or-miss item with me. Since a majority of them don’t have a real shape or structure to them, I feel like they’re more like a diaper than a purse. I’ve never loved them because I’m too Type A to have all of my things just wild and loose in there.

This Jacey Striped reversible tote is perfect for those who like bigger bags. I especially love how it’s reversible with a gorgeous camel color leather on one side and the navy/white stripe on the other. It’s timeless enough to build a lot of outfits around, regardless of which season we’re in.

I love the magnetic clasp so it’s not just left wide open like some tote bags. However, the $62 price tag doesn’t have me totally in love with it, so I passed.

KAILEIGH Sybil Knit Top

Crosses and cold shoulders. Two major trends that have been separated for far too long.

This Sybil Knit Top from Kayleigh is a perfect dress-up/dress-down piece to build your wardrobe around. Its untraditional black color gives a different twist on building blocks of most closets and the knit fit is slimming and flattering on most people.

When I pulled it out of the box, I really thought it was just the crossed neckline but was delightfully surprised when I noticed the shoulder slits. My shoulders are one of my favorite features on myself (since I have the most delicately-placed sun freckles!) and I love to show them off in any way I can.

As much as I loved this piece, it just didn’t sit right with me and its $40 price tag made me skip this one.

NINE BRITTON Pauline Knit Dress

I’m feeling serious Lemonade vibes with this gorgeous knit dress from Nine Britton. Seriously, pop on Beyonce’s music video and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

In the back of my mind, I’ve been wanting to tempt the mustard yellow but I was too scared to. With a little bit of a tan and some new-found confidence, I was so happy to try this on and immediately fell in l o v e with it! It’s the perfect sundress that can be worn on its own with a cute strappy sandal or dressed up with a pair of slips and a patterned scarf.

Amber suggested that I pair this dress with a jean jacket and sandals and I have an Old Navy Chambray shirt that I immediately thought about as soon as I pulled this dress out. This might become my favorite outfit of the month and I’m so excited to test it out!

This was the one piece I kept for the month and with my $20 styling credit, it came to a total of $30 and change. Ka-ching!

TINSEL Claudi Distressed Skinny Jean

 A good pair of jeans can transform your life. Fun colored jeans can be a conversation starter. Why not combine the two together?!

These distressed skinnies were so comfy and they felt more like a jegging than an actual skinny jean. The ripped knee gave it enough of an edgy touch to rock it with a graphic tee and leather jacket.

They were so comfy but since losing weight, I’ve developed that dreaded gap in my lower back to my jeans. As much as I loved these jeans, spending the money on a pair that I probably won’t wear in a few months has me shaking my head and saying ‘pass’.

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