hair we go: no heat beachy waves

Don’t torch your hair with additional heat. Add this no-heat curl to your arsenal. 

Summer is meant for no fuss and maximizing the most of your time out in the sunshine, soaking up those rays. Who wants to waste their time scorching their hair by using heat tools and frying their tresses up?

Certainly not me, which is why I’ve adopted this no heat beachy wave hair tutorial that I’ll share with you guys!

This hairstyle is so simple, takes as little as five minutes to set and leaves hair waved just right to demonstrate that laid back lifestyle that summer’s all about. Even though this is ideal for those hot months, I’ve used this on days that I’m extra lazy and for those times my hair just needs a chance to breathe and repair itself.

This tutorial is ideal to do at night before bed, but it can be done whenever. Just make sure you have a few hours to let the hair fully air dry before unpinning them. You don’t want the curl to fall out or frizz up!

Here’s what you’ll need for this tutorial:

  • A leave-in conditioner – I’ve been using the Briogeo Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioner I received in July’s Sephora Play box.
  • A curl cream or hair styler – Any curl cream will work as it will help develop that natural wave in hair and it will help eliminate some of that frizz that might occur during sleep. I’ve been trying to use up the Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It (H)air Styler I got in a Sephora Play.
  • A hair spray or dry wax
  • A sea salt spray
  • A handful of Bobby pins
  • A wide tooth comb
  • Five minutes, since that’s seriously how long it will take to set this in place!

First off, this can be done on washed or dirty hair. Just as long as the hair is damp. I suggest leaving the hair wrapped in a towel a little longer to draw out the moisture because the “dryer” the hair is, the less amount of time it will take to dry and the easier it will be to wrap the hair.

  1. Spray the leave-in conditioner on the hair before brushing with a wide tooth comb. Make sure there’s no knots or tangles in the hair by thoroughly brushing through.
  2. Once the hair is brushed, use a curl cream and disperse it evenly throughout the hair. Less is more and I only use a dime sized amount to work though. The curling technique will do most of the work for you, so the curl cream is a protective step towards frizziness that might occur while sleeping.
  3. This part is entirely up to you, but section the hair in as many parts you want. Keep in mind that the smaller the section, the tighter the curl. What works best for me is splitting the hair into two sections, left and right, then breaking them down from there into three to four sections.
  4. Starting with the front section that frames my face, twist the hair away from your face. Twist all the way to the bottom of the hair and leave it. Repeat this on all the sections of your hair that are separated.
  5. Once all sections are twisted, twist sections together. Depending on how many sections you have, work the two front pieces together and the two back pieces together and then twist the front and the back. This will make pinning the hair easier.
  6. Lift the twists up to the crown of the head, as if you were creating a Dutch braid. Anchor the twist to the top of the head with Bobby Pins. Use as many as you feel are appropriate to anchor down so twists don’t fall out while sleeping.
  7. Before heading to bed, spritz hair with a dry wax or a hair spray. Catch up on those zzz’s and when you wake up, unpin the Bobby Pins and shake out the curls lightly.
  8. In the event the hair is still wet, take a hair dryer on a very low heat setting and twist the hair away from your face while running the hairdryer down the hair. Complete until hair is dry to liking.
  9. Spritz waves with a sea salt for some extra texture and there you have it! No heat, beachy waves!

To see the tutorial in action, check my video down below:

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