stitch fix unboxing: september ’17

Basic girls rejoice, our season is here: Fall is upon us!

I am one of those people who live for fall and every aspect it offers. I’m not a creature of warm weather, in fact, I dread dressing myself in the summer months!

Give me sweaters, give me leggings and give me booties or give me death.

Since the best time of the year is here with the change of the leaves, the starts of football and hockey season, and pumpkin spice everything hits the shelves: I am THRIVING. (Though, I think we can call it quits on the Pumpkin Spice Pringles. There are boundaries and even I don’t cross that one.)

Since I received my box wicked early (four days earlier than anticipated!), I felt rushed trying to decide my picks before heading to Pittsburgh. I loved all the pieces I received as my stylist Cambria did a great job listening to my recommendations, but budget-wise, I couldn’t justify my splurging before a trip.

So, I’m fully accepting responsibility for this being a half-assed Unboxing post and I apologize, I promise I’ll make it up next month!

Here’s what my stylist Cambria picked for my Fix this month:

Octavia Zeke Cage Infinity Scarf

My stylist noticed how much I loved the mustard yellow Nine Britton dress in last month’s Fix, that she sent me another mustard yellow piece, this time coming in a knit infinity scarf.

It’s a gorgeous shade for fall and I definitely love the color as a statement piece in an outfit, however, I didn’t love the cut of the scarf. I like wider infinity scarves in diameter, so I can wrap them and layer them nicely.

This was too short for me and the fringe made me look like a lioness. If the diameter of it was slightly longer, I would have loved to pair this with a white sweater, jeans and a pair of booties, but like the condiment, I can only take so much mustard.

Nine Britton Brixton Cold Shoulder Sweater Dress

When I opened the box and pulled out this dress, I immediately fell in love. Shoulder detailing is one of my favorite trends this year and it continues into the fall. My shoulders are one of my favorite things to flaunt and I loved how this one showed so much of it.

The thermal texture of this dress is perfect for the upcoming cool seasons and the off-white/grey stitching makes it a neutral that can pair with any color. It’s simple enough to be deemed casual wear, but can be paired up with a blazer for a more work-appropriate piece.

I kept this piece and paired it with a pair of black leg warmers and a pair of knee-high black boots and loved how the outfit pieced together so simply. In fact, this might be one of my favorite pieces this season as I’ll pair it with a pair of leopard flats, a leather jacket and a cute wristlet.

My stylist Cambria also suggested pairing it with the Octavia Zeke Cage Infinity Scarf and it could also be worn with the Ashley Mason Erika Stretch Denim Jacket received.

Ashley Mason Erika Stretch Denim Jacket

Often referred to as the top half of a Canadian Tuxedo, the denim jacket is actually a piece that can build a wardrobe, offering a lot of variation on making an outfit casual.

This jacket is black washed and could be a staple in a lot of outfits because it’s so neutral. My stylist Cambria suggested pairing it with a grey dress and a pair of Chucks or making it more office-friendly while matching it with a plaid skirt and red mules. Since my office is always freezing, this would be a cute way to not only stay warm, but to stay fashionable too!

I loved how stretchy this jacket was, which would make pairing a lot of bulky sweaters and scarves under it so much easier. However, I felt the copper buttons were too big and took away from the overall look.

When I think denim jacket, I think either light washed or ever stone washed. If this jacket came in a lighter wash, I would have easily said yes to it, however I already own enough dark jackets that it wouldn’t have been worth my while to keep, which is why I passed on it.

Nine Britton Aaliyah Side Tie Knit Top

I really thought this was going to be my pick this month when I pulled it out of the box. I loved every single thing about it and was sold on it being ‘the one’.

Kids, always, always ALWAYS try things on. Even if you don’t want to. Do it, please.

This knit top was everything I was looking for in a fall staple piece: It could have been worn to the gym; It could have been worn under a jacket with a pair of jeans and booties; It could have been worn to work on a more casual day or worn as a layer to cover football games; It could have been the answer to my prayers….

… Until I tried that sucker on and realized how much I despised it.

Sure, it was super comfortable and soft and made me feel all cozy. However, the side detailing with the rivets were too big, it scrunched way too high and I hated how it had no definition, making me look much bigger than I really am. Hard pass.

Andrew Marc Performance Rosella Mesh Back Performance Legging

It’s more of a special occasion if you catch me in real pants and not leggings. I wear them everywhere: to work, to the gym, to the store, to bed. Try and tell me their not pants, I’ll literally fight you on it.

Burgundy is one of those consistent colors in my fall wardrobe and I try to base a lot of my outfits around it. It’s a fun spin on a neutral color and surprisingly can be paired with a lot of things.

I really liked these leggings because not only were they gym-approrpiate, they could have easily been dressed up with a flannel shirt and stone washed denim jacket. They fit really nicely and they were high-waisted enough to pull in my tummy and they slimmed my legs.

I love mesh detailing on pieces since it’s a fun spin on traditional cuts. I have a pair of mesh leggings from Old Navy that I get complimented on every time I wear them to the gym. Not only are they fashionable, they also keep you slightly cooler during an intense workout.

The only reason why I passed on them was because, despite being appropriate for the gym, they weren’t squat appropriate (which I incorporate a LOT into my workout splits). Spending $50 on a pair of leggings that could only have been worn so often seemed a little steep for me.

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