stitch fix unboxing: october ’17

I mentioned last month how much I love the fall clothing season, but I don’t think it really got portrayed on how much I actually LOVE fall clothing.

Big cozy sweaters, puffy vests L.L. Bean boots and thick-ass sock, I could literally go on and on about all of the major staples in my closet for the upcoming season. I’m definitely someone who would rather dress in layers than have to reveal less to stay cool.

As a sports writer, warmth is a huge concern when I’m standing sidelines during football games or up in freezing cold press boxes. I don’t know about you, but sometimes warmth doesn’t equal fashion-forward, so picking pieces that flatter my figure while keeping me cozy are sometimes a challenge while staying within a reasonable price range.

This month’s Fix fell a little short in terms of building a stylish and toasty wardrobe, being that I had asked my stylist to find me budget-friendly sweaters or jackets. However, she did a fantastic job finding pieces that would have all worked congruently as well as individually.

Here’s what my stylist Melody picked for my Fix this month:

Edyson | Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket in XL | $88

One of my suggestions for my stylist this month was to send budget-friendly jackets and sweaters to build my fall wardrobe around. Since it’s hard to find things that won’t cost a fortune, she sent me this jacket that was still a little out of my price range, but a nice find nonetheless.

I loved this jacket because it made any outfit look more chic without trying too hard. It fit like a glove, but it would have been difficult to wear bulky sweaters underneath, which is a main objection when it comes to my fall style.

I paired this with a gorgeous emerald green choker tee from Express and a pair of black skinny jeans and felt much my outfit was much more pieced together than if I were to wear it on its own or with a cardigan. (Plus, it kept me warm during a recent hockey practice I covered for work.)

Melody suggested pairing it with a pair of jeans and a floral boho top or with a dress. (The Bergen Dress mentioned later in this post would have been a great choice!)

My only complaint with the style of the jacket is that you can’t button it up (which gives it its chic factor) and that the entire front of the jacket is made of leather, including the pockets. That made getting my phone, keys and anything else in my pocket out a little bit of a struggle.

Since I already have a leather jacket from last season that I adore, I skipped this one.

THE FREE YOGA | Prez Performance Knit Top in XL | $28

I’m the kind of person who cannot stand working out in t-shirts. It either has to be a long-sleeve or a tank top, there cannot be an in-between.

I thought I was going to like this one from THE FREE YOGA, but once I got it on, I noticed that the entire back was mesh-material, which would be ideal for those days you’re really working up a sweat. For me, I didn’t like how it felt scooped in the back or how it cinched at the waist.

Normally, I tie up my workout tanks, but this one didn’t leave any room to budge, even for it being an extra large. This would definitely had to be paired with a high-cut sports bra and normally I don’t mind when my bras hang out of my tank tops, but this one was striking out left and right and I couldn’t be bothered with trying to salvage a reason to like it.

Melody suggested that this could be paired with the leggings mentioned later in this post. Also on my style card were suggestions to pair it with a jean jacket and a pair of joggers as well as a billowy sweater and mesh black and grey leggings.

Tank tops are hard for me to justifying spending a crazy amount of money on because workout tops are just downright expensive! Spending money on workout clothes is already hard enough for me, which is why I recycle a lot of my outfits.

If I were to spend the money, its sole purpose to be to wear it to the gym, but $28 seemed like a lot for a top I didn’t feel 100% confident in.

T4T | Sorrel Graphic Word Print Performance Legging in XL | $44

If I’m not wearing leggings, then something might be wrong with me.

I’ve been a firm supporter of the “leggings are pants” movement since as long as I can remember and I don’t ever see that changing. In fact, people would ask me if I was feeling okay if I had jeans on! Listen, if they look good and they feel good, who am I to mess with a good thing?!

Along with not being able to wear t-shirts to the gym, I very seldom wear shorts to the gym. Thick thighs and shorts never end in a good time, so I opt for leggings or capris.

These are seriously the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my body and that’s saying a lot for someone who lives in leggings.

They’re insanely stretchy, but not too sheer in the backside, which makes them super gym-appropriate on leg day. The material is so hard to describe because they feel lightweight like tights and they kept me cool through an intense workout, but they’re thick that the material doesn’t reveal underwear lines across the backside.

I absolutely loved the positive affirmations on the bottom of the pants because sometimes detailing on leggings can be a little exhausted. These positive words didn’t take away from the design.

Another really cool aspect about these leggings is that they were made using recycled plastic bottles! You have to love pieces that are not only comfortable, but also eco-friendly!

These were a no-brainer to keep, especially since fall/winter is on its way and those cold trips to the gym will be here before we know it. Plus, you can pair these with graphic tees and sweaters if you want a splash of color to your outfit.

Accidentally in Love | Bergen Dress in XL | $48

In every Fix I’ve received, I’ve always loved the dress selection my stylists pick for me and this month was certainly no exception.

I’ve been loving the florals that have been popping up in styles, but have very strict guidelines on what I like. I don’t like florals that look too fake, but sometimes the realistic looking ones can be too busy. (You have to keep in mind, I have a very minimalistic wardrobe, so patterns/colors are a big step outside my comfort zone!)

This dress is absolutely gorgeous with its color palette of reds, burgundy and pinks. The choker neckline gives it a very feminine look without being too revealing and it’s not too constricting.

My only gripes with the dress after deciding to keep it are 1) it’s a little short in the back, which makes it semi-inappropriate for work; 2) the hook in the back of the dress catches on my hair a lot more often than I’d like and 3) it was slightly tight across my chest when I wore one of my strapless bras with it.

Those gripes might have made me reconsider keeping it, but it’s very flattering with my skin tone and my current hair color. I’ve received a TON of compliments on it, which makes me glad with my decision.

Report Footwear | Bell Faux Suede Lace Up Flat in Size 9 | $39

Heels and me simply do not mix. It takes a very special occasion for me to wear a pair of stilettos and even then, I always pack a pair of flats. I was never meant to rise.

I love my flats from Target, but sometimes you can only wear them so often. Sometimes, a pair of shoes can complete a look and when I pulled them out of the Fix, I loved the color, immediately thinking of pairing them with the dress aforementioned.

However, I put them on and fell quickly out of love of them.

The cord that runs across the top of the foot was very constricting (and I’m someone who doesn’t have wide feet, though my arch is a little high). They were rather confusing on where to put my foot in and the zipper in the back would have caused some insane blisters.

I loved the slight point to the toe of the shoe because they make the feet look longer and the legs slimmer, however everything else about them turned me off. Even though I am someone who sits at a desk for the majority of the day, these were not worth keeping.

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