goal digger: december ’17

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan. Never lose sight of the goal.

It’s insane to think that December is here and the holidays are knocking on the door. But, what’s even crazier to think is that this blog has been around for a whole year!

December 13 will be its one-year anniversary from my first-ever post and I’m truly proud to see how much it has changed and grown over the course of the year. Its original purpose was to be a catch-all lifestyle blog and I’m happy with where it’s gone, but I truly can’t wait to see where it will go in 2018.

I’m already scheming for posts/videos for the future and I really want to create more content next year. I hit 100 posts in November, which is a decent pace, but I want to create more lifestyle pieces, like travel-related posts or even more recipes.

What kind of content would you guys want to see on this blog next year? Let me know in a comment!

November seemed like one long month of constant adjustment. I started a new job and I’m still learning how to make the most of my time and how to balance all facets of my life. While most aspects improved, including spending more time with my family during the holidays, I felt that some parts suffered.

I straight up declined any opportunity to go to the gym, feeling that my commitment to the gym was the last thing on my list of priorities. Even though I still feel fantastic compared to the start of the journey, I know that I can’t put it off for much longer.

Here are the goals I wanna crush this December:

  • Get back into a fitness routine: As aforementioned, I’ve been really neglectful with my fitness regime since finding accepting and starting my new job in October. I always like to give myself some time when making major changes to get comfortable with situations, but with the new job, I feel like that comfort will never come. December will be a crazy busy month with weekend trips and holiday activities, but I don’t want to get complacent and really fall off the bandwagon. I’m aiming to hit the gym 3-5 times a week, focusing on getting back into some sort of lax routine before kicking into overdrive once the new year hits.
  • Stay within budget for Christmas gift shopping: I’m really proud with how much I’ve stowed away for a Christmas budget. I’m not going overboard for the holidays this season, buying only for my parents, my grandmother and Ryan and I already have a rough idea of what to buy for each of them. The goal is to avoid using credit cards as much as possible and using the money I have saved.
  • Continue creating content: With my mind already towards 2018, I’m really excited to create a new array of content for this site! After proving to myself that this can be a fun hobby, I think I’m ready to take the next step and actually purchase a domain name and give birth to a legitimate website. It’s been an idea I’ve been toying around with for a while, but it might be a Christmas gift to myself. As I’ll always do beauty subscription unboxings, I want to create other various topics, like how it was intended to be.
  • Finish reading challenge: This was a goal I should have accomplished in November, as it was listed in last month’s Goal Digger, but sh*t happens. I’m on Book #19 now and I should be finished with it in due time, but now is the time to stop making excuses and crack down.
  • Enjoy the holiday season: It’s the most wonderful time of the year. After having a fantastic Thanksgiving with my family, I want to continue the holiday cheer and enjoy the upcoming season. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to spend Christmas with Ryan due to work schedules (which I haven’t in the near three years we’ve been together), but the following weekend we’ll be in New York City for New Year’s, our three year anniversary, and the Winter Classic! Instead of feeling bah humbug like in the past, I want to spread Christmas cheer, since I won’t have to worry about deadlines and work-related issues.

What are your goals this month? Let me know in a comment!

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